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Targeted Professional Development and Coaching Excels Teams to Success

Posted November 18, 2020

Unprecedented, chaotic, new-normal, turbulent, challenging, these are just some of the descriptors of today’s business environment.  Clearly, 2020 has brought new levels of complexity to the working world. Organizations are asking more and more of their employees, leaders, and managers; many of whom will rise to the occasion, but so many may not be equipped to do so.  In conjunction with LeaderAmp, Career Partners International is pleased to introduce PowerAmp™ Coaching, an industry first professional development and coaching solution designed to deliver measurable results, with a scalable model, and a greatly enhanced ROI.

Executives have long experienced the benefit of professional coaches.  Great coaches have the ability to provide insightful, meaningful, and actionable advice and guidance.  They address specific opportunities for improvement in an individual, rather than the more general recommendations offered through training or study.  Historically, coaching has been limited to the upper echelon of organizations due to its complexity and costs.  PowerAmp Coaching’s unique application of Artificial Intelligence within the coaching solution allows for increased transparency and endless scalability.  Organizations can provide coaching to whole teams of participants ranging from hi-potential individual contributors, to new managers, to experienced leaders, and more.  Each participant will benefit from a consistent process augmented by technology with measurable results while receiving personalized coaching resulting in measured improvements.

Group training sessions and online courses are valuable in delivering large numbers of participants the same guidance and messaging.  Coaching is unique in that it targets an individual’s areas of improvement and, when implemented at scale, leads to lasting improvement across the organization.  PowerAmp Coaching is designed to eliminate the risk from coaching by first identifying those with the most potential to gain from the program, then by maintaining constant communications with participants to ensure they are practicing between sessions.  Amplified by LeaderAmp, PowerAmp Coaching utilizes Artificial Intelligence to prompt actions and to quickly interpret engagement levels.  With this capability and high levels of engagement coaching becomes more expeditious and effective.

PowerAmp Coaching creates the biggest impact when applied to organizations’ most difficult problems.  With state-of-the-art assessments, scientifically designed to be accurate and precise, organizations measure participants’ starting points across 18 dimensions.   Participants can then focus on the skills that are most in need of development.  The effects of the coaching engagement are then measured to determine real progress made from start to completion.  PowerAmp Coaching makes professional development and coaching accessible to all levels of an organization with the transparency and targeted growth that proves the ROI of each coaching relationship.

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