The current generation looking to retire is not only the most prevalent in history; they are also retiring with longer life expectancies than ever before. By 2030, it is estimated that one in every five Americans will have reached the traditional retirement age. Most companies will feel the impact of losing some senior staff members and their contributions to the increasing rate of retirement.

The professional side of preparing for retirement is closely linked to the personal side, making retirement planning one of the most important strategies for individuals and the organizations they work for. Navigating this field requires a holistic approach to encompass:

Overall Retirement Readiness
Knowledge Transfer
Brand Awareness
Employee Retention
Succession Planning

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    Engage your Mature Workforce

    The workforce landscape is evolving, with a substantial portion of employees reaching retirement age and considering their next career moves. These professionals could potentially provide consultancy services for future succession planning, as well as become positive references for your company. As consultants, they would provide a continuation of their knowledge base, ensuring a seamless knowledge transfer for their successors. Nurturing their well-being represents an investment not only in their future but also in their growth and success.

    Your Path to a Brighter Future

    Empower senior employees with a proactive and constructive approach to late-career planning and assistance. CPI’s Retirement Options provide a strategic initiative that not only nurtures a positive, supportive work environment; it also plays a role in fostering the retention and transfer of institutional knowledge. Establishing a plan for late-stage career plans provides staff with a sense of security and fulfillment while also providing an understanding of the path future employees will take when stepping into those vacancies, facilitating smooth transitions that meet the needs of your organization.

    New Horizons Retirement Assessment

    CPI’s New Horizons program evaluates an individual’s overall preparedness for retirement. This profile is invaluable because it provides personalized, practical, and relevant information, helping participants ask the right questions about their skills, values, interests, and aspirations. This program includes an Online portal with valuable tools and resources, including a comprehensive LifeOptions© Assessment for the individual and their life partner to help measure their preparedness for retirement. This assessment provides valuable insights and serves as a foundation for creating a personalized retirement plan.

    Experience the CPI Advantage

    As a business leader, you have the power to prepare your employees for a fulfilling retirement. Our New Horizons Retirement program eases the way for succeeding leaders, strengthens client relationships, improves retention rates, elevates brand awareness, and enhances overall employee engagement. Together, we can ensure that retirement is not the end of an era but a new beginning.