Competency modeling helps identify the skills, roles and career paths employees and companies need to optimize personal and organizational success. Moreover, recruiting and retention results are achieved with the implementation of rigorous competency models. In fact, a recent Career Partners International survey of nearly 1,000 individuals revealed that approximately 63% of respondents are already using competency modeling either moderately and/or extensively in their organizations.

“What I value the most is that Career Partners International they really dedicate time to understand our needs. They show true interest to meet our expectations. Career Partners International helps us define competencies in order to have top executive talent.”

-DeFillippi, HR Corporate Director

Competency development tools

  • Customized CPI programs
  • Published tools with competency libraries
  • Specialized CPI Experts
  • Performance-based plans
  • Online/e-learning programs
  • Creating a mentoring culture

Competency modeling results
Understanding the unique success model for your organization

  • Improved objectivity
  • Consistent Performance Metrics
  • Optimal hiring decisions
  • Increased business growth

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