Emerging leaders, sometimes referred to as “high potentials,” live in the top 3-5% of an organization. Known for their drive, learning agility and capacity, innovative focus and social intelligence, high potential employees thrive on expanding their contributions with every assignment. Companies that invest in developing these leaders reap the benefits for organizational success and improved employee retention.

Development of high potential leaders focuses on:

  • Adaptability and resilience
  • Amplified self-awareness and learning agility
  • Communicating for influence
  • Effectively collaborating to spark innovation
  • Navigating through business turbulence
  • Harnessing strategic thinking and creativity
  • Leveraging skills in one area towards a broader role
  • Becoming a transformational leader
  • Increased scope of leadership ability
    • Personal leadership
    • Team leadership
    • Organizational leadership
    • Strategic leadership

Career Partners International tailors each program to meet the goals, culture and leadership style of each organization for maximum results. The proven approach and phases followed by CPI are summarized below.

Discovery and design

  • Enumerates high potential organizational goals and objectives
    • Role modeling behavior
    • Geographic mobility
    • Experience, desire and commitment
    • Senior management sponsorship
  • Identifies competencies and success metrics
  • Interviews and assesses each participant
  • Clarifies the scope and length of the program
  • Develops an Action Learning Plan

High potential coaching sessions

  • Topics can include:
    • Personality and the workplace
    • Effective communication
    • Building teams and trust
    • Influence without authority
    • Leveraging personal productivity
    • Managing your career
  • Methods can include:
    • Group sessions
    • Learning symposiums
    • Short-term stretch assignments
    • Senior executive mentoring
  • Allows for immediate application of learned skills
  • Measures demonstrated skills against success metrics

Post-session analysis

  • Pre-and-post testing against competencies or skills
  • Session evaluations
  • Participant engagement and learned skills retention
  • Determination of “ready now” candidates

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